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Special Plasa London 2016: EXP8 and WIRELESS INTERCOMS

Our company,Triple Onda is a proudly experimented brand on PLASA show. We have exposed numerous times our products and these have been several times nominated to different Innovation Awards.

Since many years ago, we have been manufacturing professional sound equipment under the slogan of “less is more”. Our product is characterized to have a high performance but using a very compact and easy to use format. 

Nowadays, bearing in mind the economic situation that the industry and the whole market is going throughout, we have focused our development on versatile, compact and easy use equipments. 

On this 2016Plasa Show, we are going to present our new EXP8 model. This is the most compact cabinet under his category (2x8”+ 2 drivers). This small cabinet (50x43,5x18cm) is extraordinarily flat (7”) and incredibly light (14kg). It contains two amplifiers and a digital processor with 16 presets that facilitates it use, and allows to be used practically independently in all professional sound reinforcement situations: 

It can be used as concerts/conferences sound reinforcement, front-fill, out-fill, side-fill, even as stage monitor, or to play guitars, keyboard and other instruments.

Thanks to its design, it is easily possible to make a Line-Array -only by piling on two pieces- and the result is extraordinary. You get ribbon drivers and speakers practically together. You can easily increase the number of cabinets and  multiply the effect.

 In conclusion, we are happy to show you the first hight performance and hight quality equipment that keeping the same quality as the ordinary equipments is much easier to carry and assemble, and it is all because the compact format, light weight and minimize design. It can be used individually or clustered for multiple applications that makes a Line-Array from 2 units.

To reinforce music with loud bass sound we use as a complement a subwoofer, also stackable and rigging with capacity to accompany between two to four EXP8. Inside the subwoofer, it is possible to transport two EXP8 saving the use of flight cases.

The EXP8 cabinets have several ergonomic facilities as a rigging system with magnetic pins and frame for tripod multi-angle with five positions.

The sound of the EXP8 is of very high quality and at the same time forceful but without being aggressive,so listeners canbe next to the boxes unmolested, for it is a system very suitable to meet European regulations on noise pollution in concerts.

There have been more than 100 private showings for consideration of sound technicians, musicians, directors auditoriums, opera directors, programmers, etc. They have given us all a favorable opinion and often enthusiastic, all agreed that is a unique audio equipment that is not comparable with any other heard before.

We are very proud of our product and we are looking forward to present the incredibly results of the EXP8 product in the nextPlasa Show2016 and the Innovations Awards. 



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