magnetic connectors

Magnetic neodymium connectors that solve the problems of adapters that technicians have in live concerts and recording studios.


These terminals feature a wide range of connectors that communicate with each other using magnets, making perfect contact just by placing them together.

They come in two options:

- A quality cable with two magnet terminals.

- Both terminals together and internally connected.

One of the most grateful features during the quick work on stage is that they connect and disconnect without noise.

The terminals are very difficult to disconnect by pulling them apart, but they are easily disconnected by bending them at the magnet connection point. This is a great advantage for the speed of assembly while also avoiding accidents caused by treading the cables with guitars, amplifiers and other instruments during live shows.

Available adapters:

— XLR3 Female

— XLR3 Male

— Jack Male Stereo

— Jack Male Mono

— Mini-Jack Male Stereo

— Mini-Jack Male Mono

— Double RCA Males

— USB Adapter