The AT-HYBRIND-INT is a hybrid full duplex system that features both hard-wired headsets and wireless capability built into the same device. The series expands the capacity of the standard eight person WICOM system through the addition of up to four AT-MXS wired headsets that plug into AT-HYBRID-INT.


WICOM SERIES “All-In-One” Series duplex headsets features miniaturized wireless circuitry and antenna built into the earpiece. This provides ease of operation as well as outstanding full duplex communications.


Weighing just 70g, the AT-PFD beltpack packs a powerful punch. Your crew will hear your directions from anywhere.



  • 12 positions can communicate simultaneously.

  • Dual channel with conferencing.

  • 2 groups of 6 users can communicate separately or all together in "Conference" mode.

  • Self-contained or Belt-pack format.

  • Headsets "All-in-One" wireless circuitry and antenna built into the ear cup.

  • Connector for AT-WI-WI to expand the capacity of your wired party line.

  • Create a customized Wireless/Wired by simply adding stationary and roaming users to the AT-HYBRID-INT

  • Slot for the rechargeable battery in the back of the module.

  • The battery provides up to 6 hours of operation.

Push the CONFERENCE button (stays lit): Both channels linking all wireless headsets 4+4 users and 4 wired users.