The omnidirectional system by Triple Onda opens a brand new era of professional sound for endless applications. Sound coming from the ceiling to the audience, delivered in a uniform and omnidirectional way, wraps the listener with a direct sound, clear and well defined while not aggressive, and lets the performer speak and sing under the loudspeakers without feedback noise.


It is ideal for sound reproduction in high-reverb venues with difficult intelligibility, such as churches, sport halls, malls, train stations, airports, etc. In a karaoke, a concert hall, a banquet hall or a disco, it is a high quality innovative solution. As there is no feedback, it allows for perfect listening for both artists and audience members, making it unnecessary to use stage monitors. In cinemas, theatres and multipurpose rooms, it will soon be an irreplaceable solution.

When two or more enclosures are installed, the feeling inside that sound space is unrivalled. Having that sound over our heads, one can easily guess which effects can be created. It is very easy to get used to listen to that clear “proximity sound” even in large areas.

The sky cabinets can be installed overhead, or as a portable system on a tripod or another elevation device. It is a very useful system for rental companies.


Freq. Range

55 Hz- 18 KHz. (Depending on the kind of music played, it is recommended

to add a very subtle subwoofer effect).


Universal Switch Power Supply 85-285V / 45-65 Hz

Horiz. Coverage


Average current draw

0.7A (Heavy duty musical program)

Vert. Coverage

60° Nominal

Built-in DSP

48 bit processing includes factory presets

Maximum SPL

127 dB @ 1 m. (3.3 ft.)

AD/DA converters

24 bit - 48 KHz

LF-MF Driver

12”, 3”voice coil, Neodymium magnet

Standby mode consumption

<5 W

HF Driver

1” exit, 1,75” titanium diaphragm. Neodymium

Adjustable Delay line

118 MS/ 40 m.

Amplifier Power LF

375 W AES Class D Amplifier


1xXLR input link 

1xXLR output

Amplifier Power HF

125 W AES Class D Amplifier


Multi-layer birch plywood with high resistant black Polyurea coating

Total outputs amplifiers

1000 W @ 4 Ohms

Dimensions (HxWxD)

435 x 475 x 475 mm / 17.75” x 22.5” x 22.5”

Input sensitivity

8 dBu - 1.94V


18.7 Kg. / 41.20 lb.

Maximum input level

20 dBu