Silent Beat

Transmission of low frequencies through vibration.

A useful tool to be used against problems of noise pollution. 

The audience feels the Subs, the neighbours don’t..


Once again, fighting against the conventionality of sound reinforcement, Triple Onda launches this innovative system that replaces the huge acoustic pressure caused by subwoofers with vibrations coming from these platforms. 

As with other systems, Triple Onda offers a wide range of finishes for this model, which makes it another design tool of for a hall needing sound reinforcement while simultaneously preventing the symptoms of noise pollution such as hearing fatigue and deafness caused by exposure to high sound levels for long periods of time.

With this system, Triple Onda solves the common problems between neighbors and nightclubs caused by excessive low frequency ranges.

Among its many applications, it can be used as an effect and/or part of the sound in cinemas, arcades, virtual reality simulators, pubs, discos, and any sound installation. It is presented in modules measuring 1x1 or 2x1 meters for temporary installations and demos, or in customized modules for the application required by the client.

The system is sold with its separate amplifier which already incorporates its DSP. 

With one of these amps (that can be rack-mounted) we can amplify up to 12 square meters.